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At Karibu Baby, we understand how precious your little ones are. We've made it our top priority to provide you with the highest quality and safest products for your baby's first years. Karibu Baby offers a wide range of products to serve all your baby needs and give you peace of mind. With our own R&D, every year we enrich our offers with new invention, patents, licences and ideas catering to the latest market trend, benefiting both our OEM partners and baby customers. Our products are best sellers of top retailers across Europe and North America. Many of the most famous baby brands worldwide are our OEM partners seeking superior quality to better serve all baby needs.
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Karibu x B Duck 折疊式浴盆(防霉功能) / x B Duck Foldable bathtub / BB沖涼盆/ baby bathtub

Regular Price 原價: HK$549.00

Special Price 特價: HK$518.00

- 加添抗菌, 防霉配方 - 適合0-5歲小朋友使用 - 防滑盆腳, 安全使用 - 折疊式設計容易放置 - 37度水溫感應告示 Learn More 詳情

Karibu 感謝祭摺疊式浴盆(防霉功能)連浴網 (藍色/紫色/綠色) $468

優點: 1) 適合0-7歲小朋友使用 2) 37度水溫感應告示 3) 加添抗菌, 防霉配方 4) 防滑盆腳, 安全使用 5) 折疊式設計容易放置 6) 包浴網, 安心使用 條款及細則 : 1) 可直接在FACEBOOK PM下單 或Whatsapp到9688-3455查詢 2) 數量有限, 售完即止 3)下單時請在備註寫明所需顏色 4) 由於已是特價貨品, 不得與其他優惠共同使用 5) 購物滿HK$480可免費送貨(貨到付款) (除離島, 愉景灣及馬灣外) Learn More 詳情
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