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Atopico 阿B哥嬰兒茶花籽油保濕、潤膚乳液 120ML / Atopico oil lotion 120ml


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含天然茶花油成份, 與人體皮脂主要成份相同.滋潤及保護肌膚,同時又不刺激皮膚. 全身及面部都合用.

輕柔清爽, 滋潤補濕, 四季皆宜

無香料,無色素,性質溫和. 特別適合用於嬰兒,乾燥,敏感和濕疹肌膚用. 日本各大醫院推薦使用

Composition of camelila oil as the main consituent of sebum. It effectively moisturzes and protects skin without allergic reactio.

Can be applied on face and whole body. Light, fresh and moisturizing. Suitable for all seasons.

Balance grease and water content of skin. Keep skin healthy, soft & full of moisture. Mild & non- irritating.

No added colors or fragrances. Especially suitable for baby, dried skin and allergic skin or skin with eczema problem.

Recommended by Japanese hosptials.


Atopico From a Japanese leader in camellia oil products for skin and hair, comes a rich shampoo for all hair types, but especially coarse, thick, or dry hair. Camellia

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