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Atopico 阿B哥茶花油清爽補濕水 150ml/Atopico Camlila water lotion 150ml


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• 補濕噴霧令皮膚注滿水份,清爽自然,不油不膩

• 即時滲入皮膚,形成天然保護膜,防止水份流失

• 有效解決皮膚乾燥,保持BB皮膚柔軟有彈性

Composition of camelila oil as the main consituent of sebum. It effectively moisturzes and protects skin without allergic reactio.

Can be applied on face, hair and whole body. Highly hydrating. Especially suitable to replenish water content for skin after shower in summer or after outdoor activities.

High concentration of water. Penetrate into skin quickly. Prevent water loss from skin with a protective layer "mild & non-irritating".

No added colors or fragrances. Especially suitable for baby, dried skin, allergic skin or skin with eczenma problem.

Recommended by Japanese hospitals


Atopico From a Japanese leader in camellia oil products for skin and hair, comes a rich shampoo for all hair types, but especially coarse, thick, or dry hair. Camellia

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