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Chuchu 柔順劑400ml / Fabric Softener 400ml

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保護BB敏感幼滑肌膚 高效柔順成份,令衣服柔順及回復吸水性


可用於綿,毛,人造纖維等布料,手洗或機洗都可 高濃縮柔順劑配方,用量為普通的1/3

Contains natural KITOSAN Effectively control bacterial growth on clothes,

prevent irritation on baby's skin Contains effective softener, soften clothes and resume its water absorbability Special formula reducing static cling, avoid dust & bacteria to stick on clothes

No added colours or fragrances, mild and natural Applicable on cotton, wool or man-made fibre Hand wash or machine wash both applicable Concentrated formula, use only 1/3 of general formula


chuchu The smiling face of the baby is the energy source of the mom and dad. Mind of CHUCHUBABY is creating energetic products that make babies and parents to grow delightfully together. 新生命诞生、新的爱萌发,注视着宝宝的妈妈和爸爸的眼里充满了无法言喻的温情、幸福感及爱意。无论时代如何不同、世界如何变幻

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