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Cuddly 嬰兒車墊連冷凍劑(2個)組合(象牙色波點) / Cuddly baby car sheet (ivory dots)


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- 車墊連兩包冷凍劑 - 適合用於不同款式的BB車(3點或5點扣也合用) - 物料通爽舒適 - 冷凍劑只需放入雪櫃內數小時便可使用(可無限次使用) - 可手洗 - 尺寸: 車墊L(68CM) x W(28CM) - 圖中為象牙色波點圖案(給参考) - 日本製造 Cool gel sheet for the stroller to ease the heat on your baby's back Insert the heat absorbing gel pack in the pocket and stay cool while going out. The gauze fabric keeps your skin nice and smooth. Fabric features naturally absorbing and drying sweat for more dry skin. There are belt holes for uses on strollers with either 3 point or 5 point seat belts. Can be attached on various types of strollers by tying the strap size Cover: Length 68cm X Width 28cm Cooling Gel Pack: 18 X 20 cm (includes 2 packs) Strap Length: 28cm


Cuddly 嬰兒車墊連冷凍劑(2個)組合(象牙色波點) 4-960110-280371

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