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品牌創辦人Catherine Cervasio於20年前為了她受濕疹困擾的愛兒,研製了一系列天然、有機而且專讓敏感性肌膚使用的產品。 不含防腐劑、人工香料、化學物質,為敏感肌膚提供最安全的產品。 aromababy, organic baby products, baby care, australia baby products, australia organic baby products Pure ♥ Gentle ♥ Organic ♥
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Aromababy Baby bath gel 250ml / 有機嬰兒淋浴啫喱 250ml

主要成份: 天然薰衣草, 洋甘菊精油, GMO-free; 弱酸性, 性質溫和. 適用於: 嬰兒, 成人 成份介紹: -有機洋甘菊 溫和, 舒緩改善肌膚, 平復破裂的微血管, Sulphate Free with Organic Lavender & Chamomile Learn More 詳情

AROMABABY 嬰兒全身用沐浴乳霜 150ml / Aromababy pure baby wash 150ml

品牌創辦人Catherine Cervasio於20年前為了她受濕疹困擾的愛兒,研製了一系列天然、有機而且專讓敏感性肌膚使用的產品。 不含防腐劑、人工香料、化學物質,為敏感肌膚提供最安全的產品。 主要成份: 玫瑰果油, 功效: 無香, 可清洗頭髮及全身, 特別適用於: 新生兒和早產兒。 This ultra mild top-to-toe wash for baby's hair and body. Enriched with pure rosehip oil this aroma free formulation will gently cleanse as well as moisturise baby's delicate skin. Learn More 詳情

AROMABABY 有機嬰兒按摩油 250ML / Aromababy baby massage oil 250ml

主要成份: 月見草油, 黃春菊油, 法國熏衣草油, 功效: 無香, 可清洗頭髮及全身, 特別適用於: 孕婦懷孕首8周使用 或新生兒 或母親。 成份介紹: -月見草 可以舒緩濕疹、改善皮膚異常症狀 ; 維護健康的皮膚、頭髮及指甲. A luxurious massage oil with added organic lavender and rose to help soothe and relax baby. Also contains chamomile healing oil, carrot oil and gmo free natural vitamin e oil Learn More 詳情

AROMABABY 有機嬰兒潤膚乳液 250ml / Aromababy Natural Baby Lotion 250ml

主要成份: 有機牛油果油,月見草, 紅花, 可哥巴油和玫瑰果油, 功效: 保濕, 深層滋潤,無香, 適用於: 敏感皮膚使用。 With Organic avocado 250ml Pure certified organic avocado, evening prirose, safflower, jojoba and rosehip oils work together to provide deep moisturising for dry and sensitive skin. Completely unscented (no essential oils), this Lotion is also ideal as a body moisturiser for older children and adults suffering from irritated skin. Nut oil free Learn More 詳情

AROMABABY 皇牌產品 ─ 有機嬰兒濕疹萬用膏 / Aromababy Barrier Balm 100gm

主要成份: 有機金盞花,月見草,堅果油,天然維生素E; 功效: 深層滋潤皮膚,保護肌膚,幫助癒合傷口, 舒緩濕疹、敏感; 適用於: 小朋友、大人、孕婦,任何膚質 成份介紹: -有機金盞花 溫和, 可幫助調整體質及調節生理機能 ; 促進新陳代謝, 修護肌膚問題. -月見草 可以舒緩濕疹、改善皮膚異常症狀 ;維護健康的皮膚、頭發及指甲. -堅果油 含大量身體必需的脂肪酸, 不飽和脂肪酸和亞油酸; 對乾性及敏感皮膚具修護、滋潤及保護作用. This rich balm contains a blend of calendula, evening primrose and gmo free natura vitamin e oils, in addition to pure essential oil of German chamomile to soothe nappy rash and aid in the healing of minor skin complaints. A base of pure, cold pressed sweet almond oil and natural beeswax provides a light barrier to guard against further irritation. May also be used on sunburn, windburn, chafing and cradle cap. Learn More 詳情

AROMABABY 有機媽媽產前產後去紋油 125ml / Aromababy Mother to be stretched to the limited body oil 125ml

主要成份: 牛油果油, 可可巴油, 玫瑰果油, 柑橘精油; 功效: 滋潤乾燥肌膚, 去紋, 可按摩腹部,臀部和大腿, 特別適用於: 懷孕4個月孕婦, 或生產後3個月。 For Mother to be / new mother body cream This exquisite cream has been formulated to assist in maintaining to suppleness and elasticity of stretching skin during pregnancy. It contains a blend of 100% natural avocado, hypericum and rosehip oils with gmo free natural vitamin e to deply moisturise the skin throughout this special time. We recommend twice-daily abdomen from around the forth month of pregnancy. Whilst there's no miracle cure for the prevention of stretchmarks, you will be communicating with your unborn child at the deepest level, using the wonderful sensation of touch. Continue to moisturise with Stretched to the Limited body cream or massage oil postnatally for at least 12 weeks, as your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Learn More 詳情

Aromababy 母嬰按摩油125ml / Mother & child massage oil 125ml

可按摩大腿, 臀部, 胸部和腹部, 幫助促進肌肉張力 - 只需少量就可按摩在身體上, 特別適合長孕婦, 新生嬰兒使用, 可使皮膚保持潤滑. 也可加小量到暖水中浸 - 成份: 金盞花油, 杏仁油, 月見草油等 Learn More 詳情
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